Potentials for renewable energies in Tunisia

This study was conducted for the WWF with a view to the United Nations 2009 Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. With the study, the WWF aimed to advance its own contributions to the ongoing debate on the financing of climate protection measures and the North-South transfer of funds and technologies.

The country study Tunisia is one of many country studies that discuss the potentials of a new financing mechanism. It examines, in particular, how Tunisia’s conventional power supply structure can be replaced with renewable energies. While Tunisia is characteristic of many smaller developing or emerging markets with growing economies, it is relatively advanced with regard to its energy efficiency policies. The analysis describes the measures and technologies that are required for the country to continue its trend of decarbonization and how an international financing mechanism could support that transition. It also presents a scenario under which Tunisia could meet its entire power demand with renewable energies between 2040 and 2050, and thereby achieve energy independence as far as electricity is concerned.

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